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  2. Trophy Combination Hunts. When you hunt with us you have all kinds of options. After you harvest your trophy elk, relax at the ranch or explore the ranch in search of exotics like axis deer, blackbuck, fallow deer or trophy whitetails.This high fence luxury ranch also holds world class trophy whitetails. All packages are all inclusive & can be adjusted to fit your group
  3. FREE RANGE TEXAS ELK. Book Your Hunt. Texas is not a state that has most hunters attention for Free-Range Elk, but it is definitely a sleeperstate. When most think of Texas elk they think of high fence 1,000 acre pastures, driving the outside fence looking in. Anyone that has hunted the Trans-Pecos region will argue that there is a.
  4. High Fence Exotic Hunts. Cross Oaks Ranch Offers Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, and Iranian Red Sheep on our 2,490 acre hunting ranch. Our Texas high fence exotic hunts include guiding, lodging and meals/drinks for $250 a day. As a bonus, we throw in a wild pig hunt free of charge. Blackbuck Antelope - $2,250
  5. The demand is so high for my free-range elk hunting in Texas that I'm typically booked at least a year out, if not 2, but I also have elk available on a high fence ranch in the Hill Country. This ranch is 11-1/2 square miles, so it's not a small ranch, and these elk have a lot of country to roam
  6. The Heart A Ranch is home to a growing heard of elk. Bull elk hunts are currently available for 5×5 and larger. Typical scores are 275 inches and larger with larger bulls well over 300 inches. Management cow or bull hunts are available, but are in limited quantities. The best time to hunt these animals is late October through early February
  7. Why is high fence real elk hunting? Hike, ride or horsback through the mountaneous lanscape. Spot and stalk bulls that will make your blood boil. Work with experienced guides. Rifle hunt in the rut. Choose your style of hunting (tree stand, still, spot & stalk or calling) Hunt with any weapon (rifle, muzzleloader, or archery) Ted Nugent. Of.

While a great many hunters focus on that trophy bull elk for head or antler spread for above their fireplace, these shots are relatively one of a kind and rare in the real world. It does take an experienced marksman to take down a fully grown bull elk, however if you want to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and provide yourself more options, you may well want to consider one of the elk cow hunts High Fence Elk Hunt with Big Bulls! The lower end of the bulls on this high fence elk hunt property start at about 330 and go up to over 500 and bigger bulls can be arranged. As you see by the photos most of these bulls are solid typical, straight 6 x 6's and 7 x 7's with beautiful long typical tines Hills and valleys are decorated with streams, ponds, and greenery of all types. Filled with hundreds of elk, bison, turkeys, and everything in-between, the ranch is a hunter's dream. Completely secluded from the outside world, West Canyon Ranch offers some of the best high fence guided elk hunts in the country. The Utah ranch is surrounded by.

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  1. Rob's Nubian Ibex taken at White Elk Ranch We offer 3 types of Ibex including Persian, Nubian and Alpine. All Ibex are very sure-footed and able to escape danger by climbing almost straight up the side of mountains. When threaten they can easily jump an 8 ft. fence. The cliffs and canyons of our ranch make a perfect place to hunt them
  2. Starting our hunts in late August through November, we offer you the chance to hunt trophy elk in the bugling season with a Rifle or Bow. The Trophy Elk Ranch is over 4000 acres with several miles of high fence, this ensures quality management and gives you the chance to harvest the trophy elk of a lifetime
  3. Whether you are after a trophy whitetail, elk or axis deer, chances are 100% or high 90's at the very least that you will get an opportunity. Although this is a high fence Texas Hunting Ranch, the terrain in hill country is rugged and hunts are anything but easy. We make sure every hunt is fitted to the experience and fitness of each individual
  4. The new Plaska Lodge high fence hunting area will guarantee bragging rights to your friends! Our animals have been fed, managed, and taken care of for over 30 years. Call (940) 585-1008 today and see which trophy package works for you! Veterans receive 15% off! Request a Service
  5. The first fence to be built was a small, approximately 900 acre pasture now known as the Little Elk Pasture where the first purchased elk were held, approximately 30 head. Then the NX Bar land south of Badger Creek Rd, to which the elk in the little Elk Pasture were transferred as their numbers increased, and finally approximately 23,000.

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Elk Hunting. We offer high fence Elk hunts in Texas on a limited basis. We also have secured relationships with ranchers in the West that provide top notch hunts for free range elk. Free range elk hunting is dwindling and finding a really good hunt takes a lot of preparation and we typically need to start planning a year out HJ Ranch Hunting. Scroll. HJ Ranch is a family owned ranch located in Edwards County, near Rocksprings, Texas. Originally called Double Wells, HJ Ranch comprises 2,000 acres on the border of the Texas Hill Country and Edwards Plateau. Most of our hunts are from two man box blinds, with plenty of room for hunters and gear, that overlook feeders

Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch is a 4300 acre private, high fence wilderness in the beautiful hardwood and pine covered Ozark Mountains of Eastern Oklahoma. It is laced with a network of trails, food plots, beautiful streams and ponds, and has been intensively managed for trophy whitetail deer, elk, buffalo, and axis deer The Biermann Ranch outfits a ranch located in Evant, TX to provide our customers with world class high fence Axis and Elk hunting. These animals are harvested on a 600+ acre ranch of which half of is high fenced. The animals are guaranteed and booked according to the prices below. The ranch is 2 hours from Austin, TX and 2 hours and 15 min from. Welcome to Lonestar Adrenaline Ranch located 2 hours West of Shreveport in the thick piney woods of East Texas just off the Angelina River. We offer first class hunting, accommodations, and customer service to our clients. At the ranch we offer Whitetail, Hog Hunts, Axis, Fallow Deer, Blackbuck, Texas Dall and Corsican Rams, and Sika Stag RecordBuck harvests more trophy exotics, whitetail and elk than any other high fence hunting ranch in the country. RecordBuck Ranch is the premier destination for hunting in Texas, with 50 species of exotics and African game, trophy whitetail deer and elk, and plenty of turkey, pheasant and Texas dove hunts. Over 95% of our hunters are repeat. Offering the best priced guaranteed elk hunts on the market today

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Ciervo Ranch is a low and high-fence hunting ranch in Lampasas, Texas. All species are reproducing herds and actively managed. Trophy hunts available for: Axis Deer, Sika Deer, Whitetail Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, Elk, Bison, Nilgai, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Aoudad, Black Hawaiian, Painted Desert and Texas Dall Rams With the advent of high fence hunting and breeding, exotics numbers are soaring. Interestingly, some species, such as axis, have escaped low fence properties and established herds in the wild. The Texas hill country is a special place that most animals acclimate well to

This is a Texas high fence whitetail preserve but the ranch is expansive and our whitetails are wild, making the hunt a challenge. Due to the quality of our hunting guides and the amount of trophy game, you will see many trophy elk, axis deer, blackbuck, and other exotic game. A trophy fee will only be charged if an animal is killed or wounded Texas deer hunt, deer hunting Texas, Texas exotic hunt, mule deer hunt, blackbuck hunt, elk hunt, axis hunt. Meyer's Spring Ranch. Give Us a Call 915-328-5284. Our Email Is steelehunter13@gmail.com The ranch is divided into a 2800 acre fully high fence pasture and the rest of the ranch is roughly 7200 acres.. Enjoy the great outdoors in Texas Booking now for hunts and events in 2021 & 2022. See Game Ranch Packages. Choose Our Location for Your Special Occasion Our ranch is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue. Contact Us. Deer, Hogs and Sheep Visit our hunting ranch full of wild game in De Kalb, TX Guided High Fence Elk Hunting Rates. ALL PRICES BELOW ARE FOR MATURE BULL ELK, MOST ARE 6X6 AND ARE SCORED BY THE SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM -. 250 - 319 Point Bull $4,900.00. 320 - 400 Point Bull Negotiable. 400 plus Bull $15,000

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The McCoy Hunting Ranch boasts more than 600 Elk-one of the largest herds in the country-as well as Whitetail Deer, and Buffalo. The Ranch is located two hours northwest of the Twin Cities, 17 miles west of Little Falls, and 7 miles east of Long Prairie Bull Basin Ranch owned and operated by Lee Cox for 25 years. experience in providing the best quality guaranteed elk hunts. We offer high fence elk hunts with 100% success, Beautiful high mountain scenery, luxury 5-star lodge, 100% HUNTER SATISFACTION Texas Parks and Wildlife require the purchase of a special $48 non-resident 5-day hunting license. We have free-range and high fence bulls available to hunt. The free-range areas have 350 to 390 class bulls in them and high fence any size bull is available. Elk permits can be obtained by: None required In those mountains, the Selkirks, elk roam free and wild, just like the turkeys and whitetails down south that the high-fence hunter should be hunting. Sep 09, 2010 High Fence Elk Hunt

2021 BULL ELK. Limited Management Hunt. $6900. Book Now! Trophy Elk Hunts. ElkQuest offers the BEST trophy bull elk hunting. We have the best typical antlers bulls anywhere and we offer the best value on an extraordinary experience. Rifle / Archery / Muzzleloader. Premier High Fence Estate bull elk hunts Escondido is a native and exotic animal Texas hunting ranch property that has been under game management since 1980, ensuring that the stock on the ranch is ideal for hunting. The ranch boasts over 1,200 acres enclosed by 8 miles of high fence. All hunts on the property are done from blinds that are located on known traffic areas for the different species that make their home on this. Book today and save with discounts on our elk hunts

What to expect from our High Fence Trophy Whitetail Hunts. monster bull Elk, world record Dybowski Sika, and 40+ Persian Ibex. are looking for but just incase you decide to go bigger here is a list of the fees associated by class of deer on this hunt. Guaranteed Texas Trophy Whitetail Pricing Pursue Whitetail Bucks during the Texas deer season in the 3000 high fence facility for a weekend out of ground blinds, on a hunt with lodging on 120-130 class bucks for only $1795. In pricing anytime hunting from a blind or FG Stalk the great Scimitar Horned Oryx F.G. Stalk/blind is for only $2,695 plus lodging at only $75 per night

After years of open range hunting, Plaska Lodge has implemented new management techniques that can only be achieved under high fence. 2000 acres of the vast 12,000 acre Texas Panhandle ranch has been dedicated to growing giant Texas Whitetail Deer We offer guided Texas Mule Deer Hunts and also Mule Deer Breeding Stock. We are 1 ½ hours East of El Paso, Texas or 4 ½ hours West of Abilene, Texas. We also have a High Fenced Mule Deer Hunting Ranch in Crockett County, Texas. Over a 1000 ac of Rugged Canyon Country Managed for Trophy Mule Deer. Randy Shipp has been in the Texas Deer Hunting. Our whitetail deer hunting ranches produce some of the largest deer in the state in both high fence and low fence habitats. We have multiple ranches throughout the state (South Texas brush country, Texas Hill Country, Central Texas, and West Texas). Exotic Game Hunts. Exotic game hunting is another specialty of ours We also offer many other exotic hunts to complete your Texas year round hunting adventure. High fence hunts can also be accommodated as requested. When the snow and cold settles into the northern part of the Country, look no further than Texas for a fantastic game rich, fair weathered hunting vacation Tapocitos Big Game Hunts (TBGH) is tight niched, family operated hunting outfit based in Lindrith, New Mexico. We have 4,500 acres of free range and a 3,000 acre high fence ranch dedicated to providing unique world-class hunting adventures. We maintain optimal genetics among our Mule Deer and Rocky Mountain Elk through a series of different.

Whitetail Deer Hunts (High Fence) King of Eights Outfitters, LLC has some exceptional Whitetail hunts to offer this year. Our hunts are fully guided hunts with rifle or bow. Lodging meals, and game care included. We can take care of all meat processing and taxidermy upon request. Whitetail Buck Price List. Total Hunt Fee. Up to 160: $4,50 With all the choices today for individual/corporate entertainment we would like to extend an invitation to hunt professionally guided 100% guaranteed safari style hunts, as well as free ranging hunts on 28,000+ acres. Ron Scherbarth- Nebraska outfitter and hunting guide will be your PH for Elk, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Aoudad, Oryx, Transcaspian. Axis 26 Plus $2,450. Mule Deer Hunts. We also do mule deer hunts on this ranch for both archery and rifle hunters, high fence and low fence hunts. There are alot of mule deer in this area and we are managing our does this year. Guided Rifle Buck Hunts on High Fence (Expect a 160 +/- Class Deer) 3 days $3,500. Archery Doe $250 Elk and Axis Hunting in Evant, TX. The Biermann Ranch outfits a ranch located in Evant, TX to provide our customers with world class high fence Axis and Elk hunting. These animals are harvested on a 600+ acre ranch of which half of is high fenced. The animals are guaranteed and booked according to the prices below Rams: Texas Doll, Hawaiian Painted Desert, and Jacobs Four Horn $800 and up. Rams can be added to any Package. Stalking is allowed on group hunts. All hunts include transportation to and from stand and help in retrieval of animals. Youth under 16 years of age can accompany package hunters for free. Stay is fre

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Welcome to Southwest Texas Trophy Adventures. STTA is located 35 minutes north of Del Rio and west of Rocksprings. The ranch consists of a total of 1,569 acres with 1,243 being high fence and 326 low fenced. We offer unique west Texas hunting experiences that accommodate bow and rifle hunters. Our hunts are guided and your professional guide. High fence hunting refers to hunting within private properties that range in size. The land is generally enclosed with a retaining fence between 8 and 10 feet high. High fence ranches are popular in the country and throughout the world. High fences were originally built in the 1950's as a way to prevent deer from obstructing roads near.

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High Fence Mule Deer Hunts. If you are looking for a Desert Mule Deer Hunt or a Texas Whitetail Deer Hunt we. Deer since the mid 1980's and this ranch has been high fenced since 1991. We offer 10,000 acres of high fence hunting and 50,000 acres of private free range hunting in Utah and Idaho. Mule deer, Shiras moose, buffalo and cougar Expand. Located where West and South Texas meet the Edward's Plateau, the 17,132+ acres of the Ox Ranch embody attributes of all three regions. The ranch is one of the most beautiful properties in the state of Texas as evidenced by the Piñon Pine, Guajillo, Blackbrush, Live Oak, and Pecan trees outlining the banks of the ranch's private. At Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch an opportunity to harvest a trophy is almost assured. We guarantee you will have an exceptional experience with a quality opportunity at a trophy elk. Although this is a high fence preserve, the ranch is 4300 acres huge, and our bull elk are roaming wild, making the hunt a challenge For Sale in Northeast Texas, Bowie County. 765.78 acres of manicured woodlands and open fields for majestic beauty with exotic wildlife bountiful. This hunting ranch is also convenient from I-30 and being along Hwy 98 in Simms, Texas. There is approximately 545 acres high fenced with the remaining... 765 Acres : $3,999,00

Mesquite River Outfitters hunts the Henderson Family Ranches in Eldorado, Texas and Flying H, New Mexico offering high quality, all-inclusive hunting packages for whitetail deer and Rio Grande turkey in Texas and mule deer and elk in New Mexico.. The Texas ranch is located on the western edge of the Hill Country amongst rolling hills, live oaks and rivers of mesquite trees Guaranteed Elk Hunts in Texas. Like the buffalo, elk is also an old American traditional hunt. They are part of the deer family. They roam the thick brush and open spaces of the ranch feeding on native protein, deer pellets and our food plots. Their large antlers and pretty coat will make a nice trophy mount Texas Hunting Ranch | High fence hunts, hog hunts, trophy hunts. Hunting 7D Ranch Admin 2019-01-21T18:17:10-06:00. Book Your 7D Texas Ranch Hunting Excursion! 7D Ranch Texas offers year round exotic game hunting packages that include guides, lodging, caping, meals, and more. Click on a section below to find out more about a hunt for the.

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Hunting whitetail deer is a challenge for the most avid hunter. Matching wits with the evasion skills of whitetail deer is a thrill. Most hunters that have never been to a legitimate high fence ranch believe, at its most basic level, the concept of fencing deer into an area and then hunting them seems unsportsmanlike - like shooting fish in a barrel Our 313 acre property offers both high fence and fair chase hunts to accommodate all hunting styles. Within the 140 acre high fence preserve you can choose from not only our amazing stock of typical whitetail deer bucks which HRR specializes in, but also non-typical whitetail deer bucks and exotic game animals A total of 20 states have some laws to limit high-fence shooting operations, and most have enacted bans on importing domestic deer and elk in the wake of CWD problems on game farms in various states

Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch is a 4300 acre private, high fence wilderness in the beautiful hardwood and pine-covered Ozark Mountains of Eastern Oklahoma. It is laced with a network of trails, food plots, beautiful streams and ponds, and has been intensively managed for trophy whitetail deer, elk, buffalo, and axis deer High Fence Elk & Deer Hunting Ranch & Farm with Home For Sale in Sanilac County, MI. Applegate Hunting Preserve on 186-Acres with Lodge and Home and Outbuildings. About 90 Elk including 40+ Nice Bulls, and about 200+ Whitetail Deer and 80 Bucks. Property has a large Pavilion with Pond and Water Feature. 14 Separate Fenced areas for the Deer and. Squaw Mountain Ranch allows hunters the opportunity to practice elk hunting In Texas in a beautiful setting. The habitat and terrain on Squaw Mountain Ranch affords hunters the ability to safari style hunt from high rack vehicles, hunt from a modern comfortable blind, or even engage in a good old fashion spot and stalk hunt for your Trophy Elk If it's done in a sporting hunt. This video is nothing more than an example of someone killing a tame raised elk for fun, and paying a lot of money for the privilege. He could at least be merciful and shoot it so that it does not suffer. This is not a hunt, and the so called hunter is not a sportsman

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Cull $1,850Doe Hunts $700. Axis can be hunted year round at Sisco D Ranch, however we recommend May-August due to the development of hardened antlers. These animals are known to reach speeds up to 40mph, are the most abundant exotic species in Texas & according to the Exotic Wildlife Association has been judged best-tasting game meat These Texas Elk hunts can be conducted by safari style, spot and stalk, or blind hunting. The animals can be harvested by your method of choice; rifle, bow, handgun, or muzzleloader. For more info on Pope Brothers Elk Hunts in Texas you can email pbgso.hunts@gmail.com or you can call or text Clay Pope 956-763-3232 or Josh Johnson 512-954-8648

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Tejas Ranch & Game Fence is the premier high game fence contractor, able to provide you the highest quality high-tensile steel mesh high game fence, installed by professionals with years of experience. Whether your property is in East Texas, the Texas Hill Country, Oklahoma or even Northern Louisiana, our team is prepared with proven solutions V-Bharre Ranch offers an all-inclusive elk hunting package. Included in our elk hunting packages is field dressing, preparation of your trophy for a taxiderm.. BULL BASIN RANCH, HIGH FENCE ELK HUNTS, GUARANTEED ELK HUNTS, GUIDED COLORADO ELK HUNTS Come answer the call of the wild! We book hunts from September through March which can include full service lodging and evenings at the local tavern. It's challenging, it's fun and best of all- affordable! With our pricing starting at $1700, you'll find our rates are extremely reasonable. Trophy bull elk can score up to and over 400 points If it is a true trophy elk you are looking for, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch harvests several bull elk each year that will score in the 400 to 500 inch range. Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is a licensed Missouri big game hunting ranch, outfitter and guide service. We offer some of the finest guided elk hunts on a private ranch in the world

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Oklahoma Elk Hunting at Bowtie Hunting Ranch offers all types of hunting methods from Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzle-Loader and one of our favorites is Bow Hunting Elk. Archery is one of those methods where any animal taken is a Trophy. The skill level to consistently get within 35 yards when hunting Elk makes all the difference The Wilderness Reserve is a massive 5,500 acre pristine hunting preserve that sits on the borders of Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Wilderness Reserve offers world-class big game hunting in a convenient Midwest location. All-inclusive guided hunts for trophy Elk and Whitetail are perfect for hunters of any experience level Trophy Elk and Whitetail Deer, as well as mature Wild Turkeys are a testament to the stringent care and management that takes place every day at Buck Hollow Ranch. The ranch is the lifelong dream of ranch owners, Tom & Ronda Baker. Purchased in 1994, the ranch now consists of 2600 acres of prime wildlife habitat and is licensed by the Arkansas.

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Welcome to the premier hunting destination in the Texas/Oklahoma Red River Valley. Conveniently located 1.5 hours from DFW and 45 minutes from Wichita Falls Texas, North Texas Outfitters is a premier destination for waterfowl and fair chase hunting. With a focus on native and feral species, NTO is a 100% low fence operation High fenced hog Whitetail Deer & Blackbuck Antelope Hunts in South Texas | Haun Ranch All hunts come with lodging, guide, blinds, cleaning and skinning. Do your own meals or we can provide meals for $60.00 per person per day. We have a walk in cooler

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The demand is so high for my free-range buffalo hunting in Texas that I'm typically booked at least 2 years out, but I also have bison available on a high fence ranch in the Hill Country. This ranch is 11-1/2 square miles, so it's not a small ranch. These bison have a lot of country to roam Our 1500 acre, high fenced preserve nestled in the farmland near Battleford Saskatchewan, boasts more SCI records and trophy animals taken than any other preserve north of the border! Besides massive trophy whitetails, we also offer elk, big horn sheep, stone sheep and mule deer Price list for whitetail hunts, management buck hunt, high fence deer hunt prices, free range/ fair chase deer hunts. Meyer's Spring Ranch. Give Us a Call 915-328-5284 2,800 acres High fence pasture containing South Texas Whitetail Genetics, Axis, Elk,. Home. Located just Northwest of Austin, Texas between the towns of Liberty Hill and Burnet, our ranch is one of the premier game hunting ranches in the the Central Texas Hill Country. The ranch sits on a large acreage that is game fenced for the highest quality hunting experiences. We run hunts year-round and full-time, both weekdays and weekends Hunting in far West Texas. Go Hunting. Our History. The best time to hunt Elk is between August 15 to January 15 but Rut Hunt Sept 1st-Nov 1st. Call for $$ Learn More. Other Game. This including Axis, Black Buck Antelope, Turkey, Blue Quail, Buffalo, Javalina and Mountain Lion

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4,300 acre lease near big wells available. High fence, 2 pastures, 1,800 square foot house. 20 blinds and feeders. Lots of water. 30-40 bucks per year. Mld 3. 160-190. Largest buck harvest 195. $108,000. We are looking for a good corporate group. [removed]. Jackbarksdale is online now report post Guaranteed Deer Hunts. We guarantee our guided deer hunts. At Real Outfitters, we are confident in the quality of our game. Our guides will find trophy deer. But since our ranches are low-fence, sometimes mother nature doesn't cooperate. Other times, a hunter or two have missed a shot This premier Colorado outfitter has both options. This outfitter offers hunts on estate-type hunting (high fence) for monster bulls. With the high-fence estate hunts boasting a 100% success rate this is a great opportunity to get that fireplace bull. The estate elk hunting is priced according to the time of the season you want to hunt. The late. We offer the finest and largest hunts in Texas for over 30 exotic species. Our family owned hunting company has some of the best hunting accommodations, lodging, meals, and guides that you will find. We hunt multiple ranches across the state. To learn more about our Texas exotic hunts, call us today The difference between our high fence trophy park and free range hunting is the amount of opportunities you have at harvesting and, of course, the guaranteed class of trophies in the trophy park. Both hunts can be very challenging, but with the variety of hunting strategies we offer, you have a great probability of harvesting a trophy

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Hunts in the low fence are semi guided. There are a variety of packages and price ranges to fit individual tastes and budgets. The base fee is $300 per day for hunters and $150 per day for non-hunting guests. All hunts include a 3 day/3 night stay, with lodging, meals and guides as well as transportation to and from hunting areas deer hunts, elk hunting trips and whitetail hunting,Finding discounted elk hunts for sale is a economical elk hunt. it provides affordable elk hunts in new mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho and Arizona. Check for the availability of a elk hunting packages, with guided elk hunt prices also,cheap cow elk hunts, Colorado trespass hunts, Colorado trespass hunts with Colorado being. Doe Hunt. Our Doe Hunt Package includes 3 does per hunter, 3 days and 2 nights, meals, lodging, game care and guide service. We also have high fence hunting options available, and we can custom build a hunt package to fit almost any budget or need. Contact us at info@doublethunting.com to learn more High Fence Hunting Ranch. Located in the corners of Atascosa, Karnes and Wilson counties in South Texas, this 1400 acre ranch has the prime habitat for growing huge trophy whitetail bucks. This beautiful hunting ranch has gently rolling hills covered with mesquite, blackbrush and guajillo brush along with Live Oak motts and winding creek beds