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TopoLite 60x48x80 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent Room Propagation and Flower Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Growing Plant Room (60x48x80 Lodge Propagation Tent 2-in-1) 4.5 out of 5 stars 70 $180.97 $ 180 . 9 Usually much shorter and smaller than standard grow tents, Cloning or Seedling Grow Tents are perfect for starting seeds or clones before moving them into your vegging tent or flowering tent. Shop Hydrobuilder for the best selection and prices on clone and seedling indoor grow tents

Plant propagation is easier with a cloning tent. These mylar-lined tents reflect light for maximum illumination of seeds and cuttings. A single-compartment tent allows all the space to be used for propagation. Some two- or three-compartment tents allow all or just part of the space to be used for propagation, while more mature plants veg or. GrowAce.com has grow tents that fit the need of any size operation, even a small one! Browse our selection of small grow tents, 3' x 3' and smaller, all at great prices and with free shipping on select items Grow Tents with Medium Headroom OneDeal VegFlower 3x2 The OneDeal VegFlower 3x2 is perfect for growers who manage two (2) growth stages of growth in their indoor garden. With a total floor area of 6 square feet and a height of 4 feet and 4 inches, the OneDeal VegFlower has two rooms that can let you divide your plants in the flowering phase, and those in the propagation and vegetation, while.

Sized from a small propagation tent up to an 10' x 10' monster, you're sure to find a tent that will suit your needs. These grow room tents accommodate any growing method, whether it is soil, soilless, or hydroponics, and provide your plants with shelter and great reflectivity It is covered under a limited warranty of 1 year on this cannabis grow tent which makes it the best small grow tent for growing biggest and smallest weed plants. Features. Model is ZAZZY 2X2 cannabis grow tent. Dimensions are 24 X 24 X 56 inches. Weight is 18.05 lbs

2 IN 1 DESIGN - The tent features 2-tier small tent and one large tent area, separated by a velcro baffle between 2 areas, 2' x2' main growth room for bloom and flower, and 2-Tier nursery area for propagation & seedlings. Upgraded Velcro Baffle with Wider Edge - This small grow tent is separated by a velcro baffler, we use wider. Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 2 IN 1 DESIGN - This growing dark room with observation window features 2-tier small tent and one large tent area, separated by a velcro baffle which has wider edge to completely avoid light leakage between 2 areas, 4'x4'main growth room for bloom and flower, and 2-Tier 12X24X80 nursery area for propagation & seedlings

Propagation Grow Tents. Create a dedicated space for raising your cuttings and seedlings with one of these compact grow tents. You can precisely tailor the environmental conditions to maximise rooting times and overall development of young plants and also keep them protected from the immediate surroundings Here we review the best propagation grow tents you can buy. Secret Jardin Dark Propagator DP90. 4.5k (10lbs) Capacity: 2 x 77 Rockwool trays - 9 x 1 gallon pots. Highly reflective (95%) hammered effect mylar material. 1 extraction sock & 1 cables sock Secret Jardin are one of the two main manufacturers of quality grow tents, and their grow.

LightHouse CLONE 1. Small tent for propagation. This unit can be used as a propagation tent or turned upright to be used as a small grow tent in its own right. Product Specifications: Extraction is via two 100 mm (4) socks and a passive air vent fitted with fine (anti-mite) mesh. Comes with an integral waterproof tray Put together to make the step in plant growth even easier and all the products here are excellent quality, meaning you can spend time expanding your grow setup rather than replacing kit. Containing everything you need: Secret Jardin DP60 Propagation Tent. Heaven Grow Growtab 30W LED Light Kit. Stewarts Premium Propagator Tank AgroMax Clone Tent. . $ 79.95. In stock. SKU: GT-AM-CLONE. The AgroMax Clone Tent is designed to provide a conveniently sized and easily manageable space for the propagation of clones. All-steel tent poles and corners combine with a ballistic nylon tent canvas for durable construction that's built to last. The AgroMax Clone Tent also. GROWNEER 48x36x72 Lodge Propagation Tent 2-in-1 Mylar 600D Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent, w/ Easy View Window & Floor Tray, for Hydroponic Indoor Plant Germination Growing 600D extra-thick canvas material is toxic free, tear proof and double stitched for perfect light blocking

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  1. Description MULTI-CHAMBER GROW TENT: This tent features 2-tier small tent and one large tent area. Individual room for propagation, vegetation, and flowering stages that can keep your plant perpetual harvesting COMPACT SIZE AND SPACE-SAVING: This cuts out the need for buying another vegetative or propagation tent for
  2. Secret Jardin DP90 Dark Propagator. We only supply high quality small grow tents at Hydro Hobby including the Lighthouse Max 1m which will house a 400w HID lighting system perfectly, our Small Grow Tent - DP90 Dark Propagator ready for propagation, early vegetative growth or keeping small mother plants in or consider the new Secret Jardin Dark Street 3.0 Grow Tents revamped to feature : sturdy.
  3. Secret Jardin Grow Tents. Secret Jardin, based in Belgium, sources a lot of grow tent, propagation, lighting, ventilation, and equipment. They have a lot of great grow tent videos, that can be seen here. Grow Tents. Secret Jardin DARKROOM 3.0 DR120, 47″ x 47″ x 79″. $ 249.90
  4. Mini Greenhouse Pop up Grow House with Clear Cover Protected , Small Portable Flower Tent Shelter for Garden Outdoor Backyard. 70 x 70 x 80cm. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 3. £23.99. £23. . 99 (£1.60/Item) Get it Friday, Feb 19. FREE Delivery by Amazon
  5. Kickstart growth in a Small BudBox Pro Grow Tent. 75cm x 75cm x 100cm (L x W x H) For 2-Tube T5 Fluorescent Light. Space for a large propagator. White interior. You can't go wrong with a BudBox build ! Your poles won't bend, buckle or snap. Your frame is locked in place with 'push-fit' connections. 2 x front doors
  6. PrimeGarden 48x36x72 2-in-1 Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent Room Propagation 600D Mylar Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent with Removable Floor Tray Perfect for 4 Plants for Indoor Plant Growing (48''x36''x72'') 4.7 out of 5 stars. 48. $207.99

【2 in 1 Multi-chamber Design】The grow tent is separated into 2 parts of different sizes by a Hook & Loop Fastener baffle. 2-tier small grow tent for propagation and seedlings. One large area for bloom and flower. The grow tent can meet the needs of plant cultivation in different growth periods and plants of different sizes Staffed exclusively by industry experienced professionals. GrowersHouse is a direct supplier for Commercial Grow Operations as well as Grow-at-Home DIY Hobbyists Growers. Our Commercial Division provides a dedicated account representative that will help from design to equipment advice and even finance options from $10k to $1M+. Growers House started in 2011 as a family-owned business located. Otherwise, you can use this as a propagation/veg tent, and easily fit up to 12 small plants. Then, you can move them into the flower chamber to finish them off with a more powerful light. This is a pretty large tent just for clones or even veg, though, and it may be too much for most growers

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Or you can use it as a supplemental light, or for a small plant in a 2' x 2' grow tent. It has 120 pcs Samsung LEDs and draws 65 watts of power, which is equivalent to a 150W metal halide . This grow light serves a niche market of providing light to cover clones , seedlings, or during the vegetative state in a 2' x 2' grow tent 48x36x72 Lodge Propagation Tent 2-in-1 Grow Tent Small section-2 tiers mini grow tent Size: 12x36x72 Offer much more growing space with 2 tiers and turn over a lot more volume in plant cycles Light delivery is better due to its compact size, which helps plants grow faster Great for cloning, propagation, seedlings or dwarf plant Large. From small tents for propagation, or loft tents, you will find it here. Grow Tents are a key piece of equipment for successfully setting up an indoor grow space. They can help you grow crops in cooler climates that typically only survive in warm climates. The shape and design of a grow tent can vary but they all comprise of a portable frame. Even smaller multi-chamber plants are great because they can act as an all-in-one vegetative and propagation tent. Or you can have a mother plant in the main chamber and take cuttings from her and clone in the side chambers. For additional help, we give you an overview on thread count, the size and number of both the ducting and electrical.

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  1. Growing in a perpetual harvest environment allows for faster harvest turnover. The multi-chamber tent separates the vegetative area from the flowering area, dividing the plant growth time nearly in half. Once the perpetual cycle is running, growers can see harvest times in as little as 8 weeks apart when growing in a single multi-chamber tent
  2. Was founded in 2008, Haining Youdiweiya Trading Co.,Ltd. is one of the top global China Grow Tents Manufacturers and Plant Grow Tents factory.We serve OEM and ODM customers from over 50 countries. We offer over 200 products ranging from HID lighting, LED lighting, ballasts, filters, fan, and environments control system to every accessories for all the indoor gardening and hydroponic needs. we.
  3. I'm looking to eventually set up a small tent for seedlings, mothers and cuttings approx. 3'W x 2'D x 3'H. Would 2 or 3 COBs work better in this space and what color temp is preferable? 5000k, 5700k or 6500k? I'm thinking about driving them with a 185W LED dimmable driver. Thanks
  4. Isolated propagation chamber (e.g. a sealed grow tent or equivalent) Gloves; Small paint brush; Plastic baggies and ties; Procedure: 1. Sanitize. First, you must work within a clean and sanitized.
  5. um, is filled with compressed CO2 and can sit outside the grow tent to save space

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MORE TIPS LIKE THIS @ : http://www.MIgardener.comGrow plants like a pro now! This setup will reduce the wasted light, and eliminate the costly materials that.. Propagation Tents. Propagation is the stage at which your plants potential is decided. Doing everything right from the start will ensure a flying start and enhanced development. With the help of our propagation tents you can ensure that your cuttings and seedlings grow to their potential with minimal risk of pest or disease Bloomroom Nursery Propagation Tent Small. £59.99. Add to Basket. Bloomroom Nursery Propagation Tent. £159.99. Add to Basket. Bloomroom Compact 0.8m X 0.8m X 1.8m Grow Tent. £109.99. Add to Basket. Bloomroom Medium 1.0m X 1.0m X 2.0m Grow Tent. £124.99. Add to Basket Grow Tents. Budbox Grow Tents; Small Grow Tents; Budget Grow Tents; Propagation Tents; Loft Grow Tents; Premium Grow Tents; Grow Tents Spares; Grow Room Tools. Propagation; Plant Pots & Trays; pH & EC; Grow Room Automation; Irrigation Fittings & Pipe; Water Tanks; Air Pumps; Water Pumps; Water Filters; Water Chillers; Pest & Disease Control.

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4.8 star rating. 16 Reviews. Grouped product items. BAY6 Mini Propagation Tent (60cm x 90cm x 60cm) Code: 7078. £39.95. BAY6 Mini Propagation Tent Kit Code: 3886. £129.95. Add to Basket The Dark Propagator grow tent is designed for plants measuring less than 80cm tall, with grow spaces of 0.24m 2 to 3.60m 2. These grow tents are ideal for seedlings (level I lighting) and small plants (level II), as well as blooming plants with high light requirements (level III), when equipped with appropriate lighting

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We stock a small grow tent for propagation, right the way up to mammoth sizes Also available with a pitched roof for using in a loft or attic High convenience and practicality - the whole grow is contained in exactly the right size spac An easy to manage contained, raised gardening bed is perfect for the home. Control your growth and veggie quality in a separate environment away from the ground and away from the pests. Try any vegetable. Set up is simple, slide and click the panels together and bolt to the base containers to create a single, large s

EasyFeed® Small Tray. For 10L & 16L pots Small Grow Tent - DP90 V4 Propagator 90cm x 60cm x 98cm Product Details: The Dark Propagator is a small scale grow tent for propagation, early vegetative growth or keeping small mother plants in. The propagation tent features 1 extraction sock and 1 cable sock opening. Due to its small size this tent would require a small fluorescent lighting system like the new Secret Jardin LED 26w,110w. Overview. From the superior quality tent makers Lighthouse, this Clone 1 Propagation Grow Tent is 2 tents in one. You can use it on its side as a propagation tent, where it will neatly fit 2 large propagators and propagation lamps such as the T5. You can also stand it upright and move the lighting bars to the top and use it as a stock plant tent

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Windows. 1x Windows 30cmx20cm. Socks. 2x Ventilation Ø180mm. Cable Socks. 1x Cables Ø75mm. Handling. 2x HANDLING, supporting up to 10kg on a single bar and 20kg per tent. Length : 80cm Try Out The Tent Configurator: http://bit.ly/2MTaHVP Grow Tent Kit Instruction Manual: https://growershouse.com/media/PDF/grow_tent_kit_package_setup_ins.. The grow tent is separated into 2 parts of different sizes by a baffle. 2-tier small grow tent for propagation and seedlings. One large area for bloom and flower. The grow tent can meet the needs of plant cultivation in different growth periods and plants of different sizes Do you know the Gorilla grow tent is the brainchild of some of the best designers, engineers, and growers in business! The thoughtful design features include the inner lining of diamond reflective technology for increasing the lumen output by almost 30%, double cinching ducting ports for optimum ventilation, and pre-filters with mesh for safeguarding plants against infestation A nice small tent for propagation. Well made. July 23, 2020. Verified purchase. This is my second grow tent. My first was 4x4x6, which I found too large. This tent 2x4x5 by Zenstyle is just the right size for propagation. I have it on a rolling dolly so I can move it for cleaning and keep it off the concrete basement floor. The poles are the.

best small grow tent with a semi-diffused panel for better light intensity control and balanced plant growth. They are suitable for early spring seed propagation and full-term growth in the same structure. Alibaba.com offers. best small grow tent with robust and durable coverings with ample impact strength. Some Garden HIGHPRO offer a range of propagator tents to help create the perfect environment for seed germination and rooting cuttings. Constructed from strong and tear resistant 420D Nylon Fabric with the frames constructed from a patented strong and stable steel structure. The inner is covered with a premium 97% reflecti Ideal grow room temperatures are more than just what shows up on a single thermometer in your grow room. While it's easy to give you the ideal indoor grow temperature (between 65°F and the low to mid 80°F's) we know that it's not simply the room temperature alone that helps you get the yield you want.We're going to go over the affect temperatures play in your grow room, from the.

Step 3: Assemble the propagation station. I used clamps and wood glue to assemble the DIY test tube propagation station like so. You can use a rag to wipe up any oozing glue. I let this sit overnight. Then, in the morning, I added one small nail to the top and bottom of each end Mr Fothergill's Propagation Heat Pad. (5) $49 .98. more. Add To Cart. Compare. REKO Grow Your Own Black 8-Cell Seedling Tray - 8 Pack. (1) $7 .19 2-Tier 12 Small Grow Tent (Perfect for propagation & seedlings) + 23 Large Grow Tent (Perfect for plant grow taller, flourish & florescent) 。 Quick tool-free installation 。 Large section traditional grow tent。 Offer larger space for taller plant。 Perfect for use with 400W grow lights, as a larger , or for propagation Cuttings and seedlings are small and delicate. For successful propagation, it's important that you have: • The right light and tent combination Cuttings and seedlings are delicate - they need a low light intensity in a small grow tent. A T5 Propagation light in a BAY6 Mini Propagation Tent is just what you need.. Anything more intense than this will cripple your propagating plants

2PCS Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Grow Light Rope Hanger Grow Tent Indoor Gardening Adjustable Hangers Hanging Tools. TerraBloom ECMF-100, 4 Inline Duct Fan with 0-100% Speed Controlled EC Motor, Metal Case, Energy Saving. For Ventilation Boosting, Heating, Humidity and Exhaust Blower For Grow Tents R 5,240.00. Secret Jardin DP 120 Propagation Tent. The DP120 comes complete with removable shelves and a full set of trays offering great versatility. For example, half of each shelf can be removed to allow a mother plant to be growing in one end of the tent whilst the other half is given over to three levels of propagators Propagation. Setting up an indoor propagation area is one of the simplest and most rewarding ways to begin gardening indoors. Cuttings and seedlings are particularly vulnerable to extremes in temperature, so they will really benefit from an environmentally-stable indoor propagation area. Mycorrhizae is a beneficial fungus that forms a special. Propagation of plants requires the least room, but at the flowering stage, there needs to be sufficient height in the tent for plants to reach their full size. Although experts recommend that plants at different stages of growth should be cultivated separately, it is possible to purchase grow tents which are sectioned off to allow you to.

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Regular Price. $299.99. VIVOSUN 2-in-1 9x4 Grow Tent 108x48x80. MULTI-CHAMBER GROW TENT: This tent features 2-tier small tent and one large tent area. Individual room for propagation, vegetation, and flowering stages that can keep your plant perpetual harvesti.. TomatoTent - Intelligent Mini Grow Tent. This item is heavily discounted and does not qualify for other sales or discounts. A small, stealthy Grow Tent with intelligent grow computer that makes sure you succeed. 16 x 16 x 47 Grow Tent plus LED with Dimmer button, a built-in Air Filter, and TomatoTent Controller. 2 weeks lead time. A small.

The issue with many grow tents, however, is still their size. Although these tents are designed to be compact, they still take up a considerable amount of room; not something urban gardens with very limited space will appreciate. This is where the CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent comes in handy Grow Tent Kits. Complete kits so you don't have to piece together all components of a growing environment. All packages to be compatible and sized correctly. Packages include: tent, grow light, air filters, ventilation, timers, thermometers, hygrometers, plant receptacles, and other accessories to ensure a great harvest 1 x 1 x 2m - BudBox Grow Tent Pro Large 2 White. £154.99. Add to Basket. 75x75x160cm - BudBox Grow Tent Pro Intermediate White. £109.99. Add to Basket. Green Qube GQ60 Propagation Tent - Silver Mylar - 60 x 60 x 90cm. £59.99. Add to Basket

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Grow tent and professional indoor growing equipment. Specialized in indoor grow tent (hydroponics), Secret Jardin provides professionals and beginners powerful and adapted tools. To obtain the best harvests, equip your grow tent with the right equipment specially designed for your plant. Whether it's lighting, ventilation or accessories, Secret Jardin is constantly innovating to improve the. At 64 tall, the tent affords enough room to propagate most smaller, bushier cultivars. There is a canopy height limit of between 35 and 42. In this indoor grow setup, 2 to 4 cannabis. A small tent with a low wattage light is usually fine, but in the colder months you may want to consider a heat mat. These simple to use products sit under the propagator and gently warm it which also helps raise humidity. 23cm x 17cm x 18cm (tall

Easy Clone Tent - Marijuana SAGA 2-in-1 Grow Tent 48”x36”x72”Mylar Reflective Grow TentComplete Grow Kit - 48"x24"x63" 1680D Grow Tent - Dual

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Open Bottom Propagation Tray. Grodan Macroplugs - Bag of 50. Botanicare Pallet Rack Trays. Pots, Trays & Containers Growers Supply has a large selection of flats, inserts, hanging baskets, sturdy injection molded pots, and more for all of your gardening and growing needs. We also offer several types of environmentally friendly Fertilpots & Strips 1.2m Starter Tent, MAGNETIC BALLAST, Light, Filter, Fan, Accessories Kitset For a complete growing set up add on the Grow Kit Medium and nutrient package.Product code LK99 $790.00 (inc GST Grow Tents. Grow Tents come in all different shapes and sizes to meet your space requirements - and are perfect for growing, drying and curing your herbs and flowers. Designed to keep light - all grow tents will provide optimal light to your plants - making sure no light is wasted. Keeping the light in, insects out plus minimising odours. For best results, you'll want three tents - one for each stage of growth. If you keep a mother plant, you're best off keeping her in a tent of her own. Do you sell propagation tents? We sell BAY6 propagation tents and kits. They're compact and fit into small spaces easily. You can stand them up or lie them flat - whichever you choose If you are not satisfied within 30 days, you can return it for free. Fast refund100%Money Back Guarantee. PaymentsViaPayPalandCreditCard. ⏰Orders ship within 7 to 14 business days MULTI-CHAMBER GROW TENT: This tent features 2-tier small tent and one large tent area. Individual room for propagation, vegetation and flowering stages that can keep your plant perpetual harvesting.

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Yield Lab 32 x 32 x 24 Reflective Grow Tent. Anyone who has tried to buy a small scale grow tent will likely understand that there aren't many options available; certainly not good quality ones. The Yield Lab 32 x 32 x 24 Reflective Grow Tent is one of the smallest grow tents on the market, rising to a height of only about 2. Total Ratings 5, $109.99 New. Hydroponic Grow Tent Reflective Mylar 100 Non Toxic Indoor Room With Window. $45.99 New. Plant Grow Tent 24x24x48 Reflective Mylar 1680d Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. $42.92 New. Giantex Indoor Grow Tent Room Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Non Toxic Clone Hut 6. 4.7 out of 5 stars. (21 Garland Mini Small Large XL High Dome Propagator Seeds Cuttings Plants Flowers. 5 out of 5 stars. (25) 25 product ratings - Garland Mini Small Large XL High Dome Propagator Seeds Cuttings Plants Flowers. £10.99 to £21.99. Click & Collect Grow tents have become very popular method of indoor plant propagation. You can grow your favorite vegetables and flowers right at your doorstep. A fan is needed to provide the best temperatures for the plants inside the tent. The Tjernlund M-6 fan is designed for a small grow tent. It may not be able to blow air across a very large space. Perfect for use with 400W grow lights, LED grow light panel and T5 light, as a larger drying tent, or for propagation. Small section-2 tiers mini grow tent Offer much more growing space with 2 tiers and turn over a lot more volume in plant cycles Light delivery is better due to its compact size, which helps plants grow faste

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How to Propagate Houseplant Cuttings. You don't need anything more than some clean flowerpots, a sharp knife, and some cutting compost. A few short sticks might come in handy to support the new cuttings as well. You have to be sure you provide a lighted place with an even temperature of 55 to 64 degrees F. (13-18 C.); more for tropical plants Silvery grey trails the tops of leaves and small black deposits on the opposite side. For this apply a protector as foliar spray. You can trim the leaf or you can also try natural thrip predators. Circulation of air. Grow tent has a window so it helps to circulate fresh air in the tent. Carbon activated from plants is released outside the tent Organic Pesticides. To prevent an infestation of caterpillars from occurring in the first place, spray the egg masses in the winter with a dormant oil. This will smother the eggs. Because application timing and the recommended amount varies depending on the plant, follow the manufacturer's directions closely

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Store is open - follow QLD health directive. See about us at bottom of page for more ** WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE ** New site started Thursday 6/5 - bug removal in progress - please let us know any issues ** UPDATE ** Our Retail store is open. 90% of orders are being booked within 4 working hours. Couriers generally good but delays in some areas due to increased safety measures CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent (24x 24x 48) This small indoor grow tent is one of the best for concealing your growing activities. Really more of a single plant grow tent, this product is easy to assemble and comes with multiple vents to improve aeration Standard advice says you should aim for 32-50 watts per square foot of grow space. More like 25 watts if your grow space is a dedicated veg tent. So if you were working with a 3' x 3' space, you'd theoretically want an LED light with a power draw somewhere between 225 watts (vegetative) and 450 watts (flowering)

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Complete Grow Tent Kit [1x1 - LED] $995.00. View Product. Digital Grow Tent Kit 600W [1.2 x 1.2 x 2m] $433.00. Add to Cart. Fast Dispatch. Hydroponics 4 Plant Grow Kit - Recirculating. $510.00 You can also create an easy humidity tent like the above, check out our tutorial on how to propagate and grow Fiddle Leaf Fig for more details. How to grow healthy Coleus: sun, shade, water, and soil requirement. Does Coleus like sun or shade? The short answer is : morning sun, late afternoon sun, or dappled shade are all ideal conditions These cloning trays are built tough... four times the thickness of regular 1020 trays. No need to use multiple trays when one FHD 1020 tray will do the trick. These trays will not break like other flimsy trays. Plan on keeping these quad thick propagation and seedling trays for years London's #1 Premier Indoor Hydroponic Garden Centre. Everything you need, at the best prices. Your Local One Stop Grow Shop for Grow Lights, Grow Tents, Plant Nutrients, Pots, and Grow Systems. Whether growing in soil, hydroponic systems, starting out or a veteran of the arts, we got you. #justgrowi

1.1* Scope. 1.1.1* Test Method 1. A.1.1 A small-scale test method appeared in NFPA 701 until the 1989 edition. It was eliminated from the test method because it has been shown that materials that pass the test do not necessarily exhibit a fire performance that is acceptable. The test was not reproducible for many types of fabrics and could not predict actual full-scale performance Seven minutes—packed with info! We take a look at Grodan A-OK starter plugs (stonewool cubes), Grodan Delta 3-inch and 4-inch rockwool blocks, Hugo 6-inch bl.. Plant propagation heat mat, 3 size available 18W/25W/35w double insulated flexible heat mat for seedlings and cuttings. With Australian Standard SAA approved C-Tick Certificate. Most safe heat mat in Australia. Features: * Double insulated * C-Tick certified * Heat dispersion plugs included. Specification Small Size: 388mm X 282mm (18 Watts 5-Piece Propagation Kit with Heat Mat, Flat Tray, Insert, Tall Dome and Digital Outlet Thermostat: 24 in. x 15 in. x 16.75 in. Domed Herb and Seed Propagator with 3 Height Extensions and Secure Clip Set: 10 in. x 20 in. Propagation Starter Seedling Trays with Holes (50-Pack) 10 in. x 20 in. Propagation Starter Seedling Trays with Holes (100.