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Requests; OPEN — BTS React to: Their S/O's Child calls him Daddy Hiii can I request a Big Bang reaction to their s/o being a med student Thanks ⁂ And you'll do the same for him which make him the blushiest sick boy on eart BTS Reaction-Seeing their child cry. Similar request, but with Super Junior here—-> Seeing their child in the crowd. Immediatly he would make hearts and point to his son, making him smile after looking at his dad being soo goofy. Tae: When he heard his son crying, he would get his attention and do a silly dance in order to get the tears. bts reaction to their child being a daddy's girl/boy a/n- i am so sorry for being MIA these past few days. school is kicking my butt and im honestly just trying to go each day without freaking out. but please enjoy this reaction!! it was so cute :') i love imagining the boys with cute lil children Taehyung-I had a hard time thinking about Taehyungs reaction, but I think he would let it slide, about you denying that you're sick, but as soon as he sees you getting worse, expect him to be there in an instant ''Yah, why didn't you take care of yourself.'' He wouldn't be mad or annoyed at the fact that you were denying being sick

Read BTS finds out their child is a bully from the story BTS REACTIONS/WWYD 2 by bngtnism (a) with 10,242 reads. suga, hoseok, bangtan. @Mr_Darkimoo thank you.. BTS reaction to their child surprising them on stage Hey, i want to request a Monsta x and BTS ( if that ok )Reaction. Their are on World tour and their child surprise them at the last song. Your blog is amazing A/N: I'll do monsta x at a later date ️ thank you for requesting, this is super cute! The request: Hi sweetie, can you write bts!yandere reaction to their s/o being sick? Thank you! Happy reading! ☾ ☾ ☾ Kim Seokjin: They say that the only people awake at 3 am are in love, lonely or drunk. Sure, but what about people like you, who are hunched over the toilet, puking their guts out BTS Reaction || Their child having a crush on another member. A/N: I read a similar one so props to that user for having such a cute and amusing idea. I had to do one as well. Btw, the child is of yours and the member and the child is no older than 10. J-hope: He and his child would never keep secrets, besides the secret of how babies are made. BTS reaction: You taking care of them when they're sick. Jin. Originally posted by jjilljj. Both of you loved trying out new restaurants, especially when you traveled. After BTS's concert, both of you decided to visit a restaurant one of the concert staff recommended. Being in high spirits due to the successful concert and Jin and you being.

bts reaction to their teenage child getting into their first car accident vixx-bts-scenarios said : hello ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ love your work!! could i have a bts reaction to their teenage child (who they're very close with) getting in their first car accident, and they have to be taken to the hospital, but it's nothing too serious? Heyy guysThank you for Watching!Hope you EnjoyedNote: I do not own any of the images/songs used credit goes to rightful ownersSongs used are:Song1:Track: Cyb.. BTS Reacting to their child crying because they don't feel well. Jin - Seokjin would immediately go into motherly mode and quickly fix everything without making a fuss about it. He'd take your child into his arms and then proceed to check their temperature, feed them some food and then give them medicine (because taking medicine on an empty. bts reaction to their kid getting injured at school a/n- i hope you like this!! i love the idea of bts x children!! Seokjin- When his kid had to be sent to the hospital because of an allergic reaction, Seokjin would be extremely upset and angry J-hope: He and his child would never keep secrets, besides the secret of how babies are made, so when Appa Hoseok asked his daughter if she had a crush on anyone, he was a little surprised.What? Sunshine, you like your Jiminie oppa? He'd smile and laugh it off with her as his daughter would go off to do something else, he'd say to himself, She's growing up so fast

Requests; OPEN — BTS React to: Their S/O's Child calls him

  1. Bts reaction to their s/o stressed out because school / whining because she's too lazy to do her homework For anon, hope you like it! - M. Seokjin . He's worried by the workload that you have assigned despite being only the first few days, tries to help you as he can remember you to eat and have enough sleep. He cooks, when has time.
  2. I personally think that all BTS members will have the same angry and disappointed reaction to such a rude and disgusting manner of addressing an idol. I'm sorry that you have to resort to methods like these to spread the conscience and awareness of what happened to poor RiSe; I guess this is just what this judgemental world has become to be
  3. BTS Reaction: They find out their S/O has a chronic illness when she/he has a bad episode. Smol Warning: This involves certain health issues that.. Well, I don't know if it would offend anyone that I'm writing about chronic illnesses I don't understand fully. I looked up the symptoms of all these and I'm going with that, if you know you'll get.
  4. BTS Reaction to You Sleeping In Their Bed While You're Sick A/N: There's so many reactions that are going to come out this week, heads up baby stars! Keep smiling and I hope you enjoy this and your whole day!
  5. ation (you'll probably need to squint really hard to find it) Yoongi: He finds out through a butt dial when you're talking to your mom at dinner and immediately calls back when the call cuts off. [19:23] Yoongi: Call.
  6. g the door. He fell to his knees, feeling utterly.
  7. Hi! Can I ask for a got7 & bts reaction being with their S/o during labor and meeting their first child although it happens to be twins and they didn't expected that since doctors have missed it. Jin: Originally posted by bangtan-got7-boys. Okay, Mama Jin here would be freaking the hell out once the doctor suddenly announced baby #2 was on.

bts reaction to their kid asking how babies are made. (c) taeshu. jin. You would probably be cuddling on the couch with your kid, Jin on the other end. He'd be telling some dumb pun he found on the internet five minutes prior, and of course, your child would die laughing, even though he didn't understand it, his dad's laugh would be the. BTS Reaction to you attempting suicide request: Could you do a reaction where they find out their s/o is in the hospital because of a suicide attempt. Or maybe even find them after the attempt. Sorry.. BTS reaction to meeting their Child after a One Night Stand (w a friend) - Maknae Line . Hyung Line • Maknae Line . A/N: I really hope this reaction was not terrible, I don't see any one of them having a one night stand with a stranger so I kinda wrote a backstory of how they know each other prior to the one night stand BTS Reaction: People Point Out Your Child Doesn't Look Korean. pulling out of their driveway to head home. It's not fair. I'm sick and tired of the fans calling him out for his skin colour, he sighed, resting against your arm, he shouldn't have to grow up like this..

BTS reaction to their s/o being scared for irrational reason. author's note: love you guys, here we go. Seokjin. Jungkook being himself decided to do a mask prank to you, his best friend. He was just supposed to run at you with a disturbing mask on and scare you a little bit MasterlistI write BTS Reactions ^-^ [BTS Reaction] When their S/O is underweight. Thank you for requesting. ^-^ cause for concern or you were doing it purposefully he'd confront you about it because he wouldn't want you getting sick. Originally posted by jjks Anon asked: {^_^} ok then may i have a scenario of the whole group of Monsta X being at a cookout with their s/o.If that is scenario, feels like a reaction though lol but thank you writing. I can make into a scenario it's okay lol. Since it isn't a reaction I won't be using gifs for each of them individually A/N: This is unedited (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ Excuse my typos. I'll also be uploading gifs because right now the Wi-Fi isn't working properly. [Edit: I've added the gifs~♡] Requested: @glactic479ninga. J-Hope: Its okay angel, I'm here now~ Hoseok placed the back if his hand on his babies forehead to find that she had a fever.Oh... Now hiw did this happen? He got one of her small wet cloths. Hoseok: He's giving you the silent treatment now. The entire day yesterday, the both of you were very irritated. At different things of course but at the end, you both just ended up picking fights with one another to relieve your frustrations.Now you're regretting it because you were in an awfully cuddly mood this morning only to realize Hoseok was sleeping as far away from you as he.

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  1. BTS Reaction - When their daughter gets jealous of affection/requested. Anonymous said: Bangtan reaction when their little daughter gets jealous of him when they kiss or hug their wife(kid is their both) ^^ Hope you get what I mean Today was the day you were getting an ultrasound to check on your second child's health. You and Suga.
  2. g Bithit showcase, which you were both excited for. But being the over achieving couple that you both are, you guys (mainly Hobi) decided to pack it full of tricks and super complex moves
  3. BTS reaction to their kids saying they hate them for missing their birthday. That doesn't mean you put your own child and your own wife on hold! God I hate you! Y/S/N ran out crying what happened? was born you tried making her understand.. but she didn't it hurts you to see her get angry at Jungkook for not being there for.
  4. BTS when their baby talks for the first time I do theBTS have a baby kind of reactions rarely because I think we'll have so much more material for this in a few years, but I saw this gif of Jin and this reaction was the first thing I could think of when looking at it

You decided to bring your daughter to visit Jimin while he was at work but right as you got there and saw Jimin, she decided to yell at him and run away. You watch her as she runs out the room and into one of the other offices across the way. All the boys stop and stare at the both of you. Jimin walks over to you. I got this. Bts reaction to their s/o stressed out because school / whining because she's too lazy to do her homework For anon, hope you like it! - M. Seokjin . He's worried by the workload that you have assigned despite being only the first few days, tries to help you as he can remember you to eat and have enough sleep. He cooks, when has time. BTS cheating on you. you being sick. You being short. You have a nightmare (in which they died) BTS react to your big boobs (hehe) Smacking da booty. When you meet your bias from Got7/SVT. Can you please do a BTS reaction to their s/o being insecure about being overweight

BTS Reaction | Taking care of you when you're sick Seokjin Jin would immediately make his way to your house as soon as he heard that you were feeling sick and he would directly switch to his protective side. He would take very much care of you by spoiling you with warm food and making you some tea. But he would also scold you as long as you went after him in the kitchen, saying that you'll. your child: yeah mums really sick so you have to take care of her in his head :.she is a lot like her mother SUGA: i think suga would be pretty calm about iton the outside but on the inside mixed emotions, sad because you didn't tell him but also angry at the jerk who left you but finally happy because your kid takes after him, meaning. bts reaction: s/o has a child. request: Hi, i was wondering if i can request a BTS fluff, im a Single Mom(21)who has been feeling crappy (ppd sucks) and i need fluff, can u do a reaction to the boys loving the readers baby as if she was their own? Idk i need something cute to read right now. a/n: hope you enjoyed this <3 i had to refrain myself from using daddy too much i swear this mind of.

- people who actually enjoy listening to their music must have lost so many brain cells in the process. *@ me next time, Joonie. *insert Namjoon's reaction here* I mean - like, no - I wasn't bashing you - or them - I just don't, you know - *your reaction here* Your Reaction. Originally posted by samisoffthewall. Hi BTS reacting to their s/o having a miscarriage. [DO NOT READ IF TRIGGERING] I SHALL ATTEMPT A SERIOUS REACTION! Remember that these are just what I THINK the boys would be like. REQUESTED BY @raggaaaaa. SEOKJIN. Let's be real, Jin would just cry on the spot You're sick and asking for food. You got into a car accident. Taehyung finds out you're dating Yoongi. You visit then backstage/on-set with their child. They expose you for stashing food underneath your bed. jungkook, bts kook, bts kookie, bts angst, bts smut, bts fluff, bts masterlist, bts humor, bts comedy, bts nsfw, bts reactions. BTS Reaction to you fainting on them. Anonymous requested: Can I ask for a BTS GIF reaction, one where their bf/gf is super exhausted and falls asleep/faints on them while they're both having a sort-of serious conversation?Is this like okay cause I feel like im explaining it weird lol? your blog btw! A/N: qqqq enjoy~ :D ~Daz BTS's reaction to you being their doctor: A/N: Enjoy <3 Jin: Jin had heard that the new doctor at his practice was pretty, but he wasn't expecting you to be this stunning, wonderful, mind-bogglingly beautiful

multistan_heaven — Bts reaction too there relationship being exposed... 1.5M ratings monsta x reaction to s/o feeling sick. I'm gonna puke y/n said getting up and running to the washroom with kihyun following worriedly behind. he grabbed their hair and held it back while rubbing circles in there back its okay baby get. BTS - Reaction to Your Interactions With Kids. You were sitting at a restaurant, eating lunch with Jin when a couple with a baby sat at the table beside you. The baby kept making faces and waving at you so you did the same in return. Jin was quite amused seeing how excited you got over the baby trying to interact with you BTS's reaction to [ THEIR S/O WIPING AWAY THEIR KISS ] requested by : anon. JIN. Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan. he is offended. like excuse me, that is mr. wwh's kisses you are wiping away. just looks at you in shock. starts complaining about how you shouldn't play around when you tell him it was a joke. YOONGI Bts gif reaction to finding out you were sexually assaulted. Trigger warning, please don't read if you think your very sensitive, i just want to bring more awareness to it. If you don't want to this reaction you don't have to but maybe a bts gif reaction to finding out their s/o was sexually assaulted when they were young and when he.

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Reaction Masterlist. All reactions. Hugging them while they prepare breakfast (hyung-line) Yelling at them in a languauge they doesn't speak (Rapmon, Jungkook) Nipple piercing question (Jin, V, Jimin) Kissing them first (J-Hope, Rapmon, Jungkook) Nipple piercing question (rap-line) Tattoos question (maknae-line) Nose job question BTS Reaction: Their mom spends time with their S/O and approves of them. Jin: Jin called you after his practice, asking if you wanted to eat dinner. He was confused when he heard someone, that sounded strangely like his mother call out to you. You told him that you were at his parents house, that his mother had insisted in teaching you how to.

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BTS Reaction to their children being Transgender. REQUESTED. Namjoon. He had noticed little things about his son's behavior which indicated that something was bugging him. So approached him to talk openly about it. His priority was that his child was comfortable enough to talk to him about anything. As someone who supports the LGBT+ community. Mafia AU: BTS' reaction to their S/O being the little sister of the rival gang leader and when their brother tries to hurt the member they kill their own brother. WARNING: I KNOW Y'ALL WOULDN'T KILL YOUR BROTHERS SO DON'T ATTACK ME. THIS IS MERELY A REQUEST THAT LOOKED INTERESTING AND I DID IT. OK now, Yo BTS MASTERLIST ~ Main Masterlist ~ Reactions: Their girlfriend being a drummer, a dancer & a rapper in a girl group A really tall foreigner asking them for directions Their girlfriend eating junk food at night when she's on a diet Mafia AU When their fiancee runs away Their smaller and younger S/O protecting them Their son getting sick

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Yandere!BTS Reaction to Their S/O Obeying and Listening to Them You knew better than to reply with a yes. You knew this man always looked down on others for not being to the same level of success as him. So once he decided that you were the one, he needed to fix you up. hand was fiddling around with your hair. You had decided to. Masterlist updated: 06/04/2021 Reactions: • S/O reacting to boys being sick or injured and still wanting to do schedules • When they use your insecurity in a fight • Got7 coming home and seeing their.. BTS Reaction #36 - Their wife being pregnant and they find her adorable anon asked : Hello! I was wondering if you could do a BTS Reaction to how cute they think their s/o looks pregnant (waddling, looking like you strapped a disco ball to the front of you, your shirts ride up when you reach for something, etc) lol sorry I didn't know if I. Request #33. BTS reaction: They find out you are in the hospital. He nodded at you and dropped his head to look at Hoseok, who was still on the floor like a child that refused to let go of his mother's leg. Hoseok, let them go. Bts reaction to them finding out their s/o is in the hospital for being hit on the head.

Anonymous said:Bts reaction please when you're married while having sex you're 3 year old son came in and ask what you are doing xD Thank you for requesting love I had lots of fun. Sorry it took me so long to answer ~Admin B. Jin:*before child even asks* I HAVE SCARRED YOU MY CHILD FOR LIFE!!!! Prompts: Reaction to their gf being insecure about her curves, please? Especially her belly and her pretty large thighs/hips? & reaction to finding out that their s/o is really insecure about their weight and is doing harmful diets? Requested? Yes. Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst. Word Count: 1.4 BTS Reaction- to their idol crush being on the same show, & gets teased for her paleness. requested by @squishybebe pairing: bts x fem!reader. A/N: I am so sorry if this isn't the best, reactions/scenarios aren't my specialty, and I realize as I write each member's it gets shorter. I tried tho! I hope you still like it! Keep readin As long as it kept you together, he didn't mind being a little sneaky. As long as you tell me your cases for the week I'll be able to plan a date night. Originally posted by ohjiminn ~STA. kpop kpop reactions Reaction blog bts bts reactions bts reaction blog mafia au bts mafia au kpop ships jin yoongi j-hope namjoon jimin taehyung jungkoo

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  2. : His face would drop from amusement to serious in one swift motion. I'm sorry baby girl do you want to repeat that. You quickly noticed your mistake and your once brave facade falters. No.. You said voice quiet as you looked down at your hands
  3. ated and winning the 1st place as the best looking idol. BTS Reaction to seeing their s/o after a long time at a fansign event. BTS Reaction to.
  4. MASTERLIST. BTS Reactions. BTS Reaction | you being much younger than them but of age. BTS Reaction | them saying something hurtful to you and you start crying. BTS Reaction | you breaking down because of University stress. BTS Reaction | being afraid of turbulences during traveling. BTS Reaction | you having to sit on their lap and try not to.

BTS REACT: To their young son not feeling well and crying Anonymous said: hello~ can i have a bts reaction to their young child (preferably their son) coming to them crying because they don't feel.. Request: Big hi can I request a bts reaction where their child has a meltdown in public? Sounds boring but I read one somewhere and I found it funny so 路‍♀️ . Hey! This is my first time writing a reactionso hope you enjoy it! (English is not my native language) ——-Kim Namjoon (RM BTS Reaction to a reality show with their child. request: Can you plz do a bts reacting to being on a reality tv show with their child. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, basically like the show return of superman [requests are open]-Kim Seokjin-Jin would be okay with the show as long as they didn't step over any boundaries BTS reaction to you breastfeeding their child. Seokjin: Probably the proudest person in the world. Everytime he sees you breastfeeding, he's minds will go back to the time you were still dating. Yahh, who thought we'll come so far Y/N-ahh Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin. Suga BTS Reacting to their child wanting another sibling. Jin - He'd share the same feelings and wishes with his kid but he'd become frustrated because it's just so hard to make you agree on something like that (it's not like he hasn't tried so many times already). He'd do it for the sake of your child, though. Appa's trying alrigh

Bts reaction: their s/o being clingy around the others. genre: the cutest fluff :3. Stop being so cheesy. You make us all sick. Yoongi called out and more comments by the others followed. You looked up to Namjoon to see if it bothered him that you were kind of clingy today, but he was mature enough to just ignore the others.. Jungkook rushed home with noodle soup and tissues, as worried about you. He knew you hated being sick. He came home, cheeks flushed, to find you sleeping on the couch. He smiled. You looked so peaceful, untouched and happy. Then, your eyes fluttered open, and you coughed. Jungkook immediately was by your side, and your entire body shook, as he.

BTS Masterlist link two link three link four link five BTS reaction to you losing your voice. Prologue: you remembered screaming out your boyfriend's name as well as the others at the top of your lungs suddenly you couldn't hear your voice anymore you begin to freak out Got7's reaction to their child self harming (like their child tells him or he sees scars on their arms) Mark: *he'd worry about his child the moment he saw them, a bit shocked and a little upset. He'd give his child a look of confusion that would clearly show how he wonders how long they've had the scars and why* there are other. Now here he was, screaming his head off as he held your lifeless body in his arms. His stomach churned. He felt sick, like he was going to vomit. You were so.so colorless. Your cheeks had lost their lively tint and your lips had turned a strange color. His best guess was that it had been the lack of warmth that did you in BTS Reaction: Their Child Runs Onstage. A/N: Guess who was stuck inside for a FIFTH DAY!!THIS GIRL!! I hate snow tbh and I want to go back to school because I actually don't mind it and I want to work on stuff. aCk alrighty rant over enjoy! Also I changed it up just a bit like some of them bringing them out on stage hope you enjoy nonetheles (In Korea, you're supposed to eat porridge if you're sick. XD) Originally posted by synthbin. Suga: Unlike Jin, Suga's the type to get mad. Not extremely mad, but just mad. He'd be mad at you for lying, but more than that, he'd be mad that he didn't read the signs of you being sick

Namjoon picks you up from school when you're sick! -Ailee . bts fake text bts fake texts bts reaction bts reactions bts reader insert bts as your boyfriend bts rap monster bts He would pick you up and swing you around like a child. Plus he would go on his tiptoes so you have to ask him to allow you to kiss him since you can't reach. Bts Reaction to seeing you with your kids for the first time. Bts Reaction to you falling on their lap when drunk. Bts Reaction to you getting nipple piercings. Bts Reaction to their gf being in a group that plays instruments. Got7. Got7 Reaction to you accidentally letting out a moan when you lose in a game. Got7 Reaction to your cute moa BTS reactions --> see below (pls note: this is not a professional reaction blog, I just do that every once in a while when I'm bored :) that's why I also don't take requests, sorry) Hom BTS reaction when their s/o really want to cuddle and they're too shy to ask Can you Please make a BTS reaction when their s/o really want to cuddle and they're too shy to ask but you knew how much he loved cuddling but you couldn't help but being shy about it, but it didn't mean you didn't loved it. blooming-days-child liked.

EXO reaction to their child throwing a tantrum. Luhan would get so annoyed by the whining, he would tell the child to stop, not giving in to what the child wanted even if he really wanted to. He's had to deal with 11 other children throwing tantrums so he knows that money is the best way to fix everything so he'd buy his child anything they. Bts reaction to their gf going to the hospital for getting into a car accident and almost dying (or does die) im feeling sad, and i think you would do a good job at this > i can relate to this. lol i got hit by a car just a couple months ago, and i thought i was going to die, but luckily it wasn't a major accident, and i was still alive.

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BTS reaction to seeing/holding their newborn baby I have a lot of experience in babysitting so i'm pretty good at holding babies and actually raising them (thanks to my baby cousins). But Bangtan as fathers, oh my god, my heart is exploding A video clip of popular male group BTS has gone viral after their manager was spotted raising his hands towards the members in a threatening way.. Published online on December 9th, the short Vine video has already been looped over 6.1 million times in over 28 hours and has also gained furious reaction from both fans and netizens BTS reaction | you're self-conscious about your heterochromia you overheard a child asking what was wrong with your eyes, and their parent responding that you were just weird. It shouldn't have upset you after an entire lifetime with these eyes, but it did and you completed your task listlessly. Jimin later found you spacing out in.

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jimin loves attention. he loves having the constant reassurance that he's doing well. so naturally, he'd be straightforward and ask for what he wants. (y/n), please give me kisses~ in a sweet voice while resting his head on your lap, shoulder, or chest- it doesn't matter. he just wants to have an excuse to touch you. he'd also do. BTS reaction to you wearing tiny shorts. JIN. You weren't doing anything wrong, from your view. You were wearing tiny little shorts around the house, it was easier to move. As you began to put on a movie you bent down to put the disk in. You heard a little groan

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BTS Reaction to you being cold but not wanting to ask for a sweater. This was requested by an anonymous user. I hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie. Jin: Jagi you are crazy! If you're cold just tell me! I don't want you to get sick! Originally posted by vminv. Yoongi: Silently hands you a sweater and doesn't mention it ever again. Originally. BTS' resident rapper RM (born Kim Nam-joon, formerly known as Rap Monster) is the sole member of BTS who has ever gone public with undergoing plastic surgery. But in a slight twist, RM denies.

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BTS Reaction: Their child walking for the first time. Jin: You'd call his name as he was facing the other direction and he'd turn around immediately. He'd start clapping like a seal whilst a smile spread out on his face. He'd grab the camera and run up to your child the lens right in their face. Aww, baby, look at our baby! @syhnjtj13 said: It's okie~ I can wait as long as you want me to haha ><. Do you mind if I request a Bts reaction to their s/o surprisingly showing up on their concert stage as a gift from Armys and the members cause they've seen each other for like idk 2-4 years (or even more) EXO reaction to their daughter being pregnant Hey, I REALLY love your reactions and some of 'em is funny so, I want one request too. EXO reaction when their daughter is pregnant at age 19 with their long year term boyfriend BTS - Reaction to Their Crush Having Trust Issues. As requested. :) Seokjin: Once they were sick of their toy, they set it aside. Jungkook had been trying to gain your trust, doing everything at your pace. As his fingers were intertwined with yours he pulled you hand close and kissed it, I will never hurt you.. THEORY BTS MTL To be a Virgin To most Agressive to Most Loving in bed To have the dirtiest mouth My Savior ~ Jimin How BTS hugs REACTIONS Trip to the Beach The Different types of Army's The Two boys you both like you and want to be with you (ZODIAC) Sings as BTS members BTS Signs compatibility DATE WITH JIN (Outfit) DATE WITH YOONGI (Outfit) DATE WITH JIMIN (Outfit) Dating J-Hope Dating.

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REQUEST: BTS reacts to girlfriend being pregnant? Lol anyways, I love your blog, you always do people's requests and I appreciate your dedication to your blog :) - Admin Kay. Jin He would be very happy. Eomma Jin would know how to handle his career and child and he has no doubt that the rest of the boys would help out as well BTS Reaction to You (Younger Sister) Being Pregnant from Another Member Jin: He would be a little scared about you being pregnant, especially with Jungkook. Despite that he knows that you're old enough to take care of yourself, he would definitely mother both of you and want to help take care of the baby BTS REACTION TO THEIR MAFIA S/O BEING PREGNANT. request: hii bts reaction when they are in a mafia finding out you are pregnant, so they become extra proactive and more sweet then usual. Thanks A/N:..

BTS reaction to their S/O having a lot of tattoos. BTS reaction when their GF is upset that P.R didn't win the WBC. BTS reaction when their S/O broke her arm BTS reaction to when their crush has a weird laugh. Bts reaction when their S/O have a really bad migraine. Bts reaction to when their S/O falls asleep on another member. BTS reaction. Reactions. • Confessing to the reader. • Them surprising you when they were supposed to be on tour. • They tell you they've still never had sex. • Falling in love with a foreign actress/singer. • Seeing you for the first time after breaking up. • You comforting them after a bad day. • You accidentally tell them you like them BTS Reaction- to their idol crush being on the same show, & gets teased for her paleness. requested by @squishybebe . pairing: bts x fem!reader. A/N: I am so sorry if this isn't the best, reactions/scenarios aren't my specialty, and I realize as I write each member's it gets shorter How they react to their S/O being clingy and wanting to cuddle a lot. How they react when you randomly kiss them . How they react to you being sick while they're on tour. How they react to you just being friends but you always giving them skinship. How they react to their chubby S/O feeling like they're not good enough for them because of.