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Jump Rope Mats For a Fun and Effective Full-Body Workout. Shop Now Sekretär von Yomei, Gestell aus poliertem Edelstahl, ab 2.998,- Return to the Eleventy Documentation.. Benchmark web sites Built with Eleventy over time. Updates every two weeks on Sunday. Created by @zachleat. Deploy your own instance of Speedlify

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  1. Eleventy Benchmark Speed Regression Test. Contribute to 11ty/eleventy-benchmark development by creating an account on GitHub
  2. g to the Google Chrome browser
  3. eleventy This will compile any files matching valid input template file extensions (.md is one of them) in the current directory into the output folder (defaults to _site). Writing _site/README/index.html from./README.md. Wrote 1 file in 0.11 seconds (v0.12.1
  4. ently call out sites that are doing well in this regard
  5. 11ty-logo 11ty logo built for a browser. eleventy eleventy-sample JavaScript 3 5 1 0 Updated Mar 17, 2021. eleventy-assets Eleventy Benchmark Speed Regression Test HTML 1 6 1 0 Updated Feb 25, 2020. eleventy-community A repository for Eleventy community discussions
  6. g 1.0 release.My thanks to everyone who tried them out and provided feedback. If you'd like to run with these patches before 1.0 is released, install Eleventy from current source via npm install 11ty/eleventy. Moving this site to Eleventy and Netlify has been a great.
  7. It is optimized for speed, easy use and configurability. Hugo takes a directory with content and templates and renders them into a full html website. Hugo makes use of markdown files with front matter for meta data. 11ty and Hugo can be primarily classified as Static Site Generators tools. Some of the features offered by 11ty are
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Eleventy is billed as the simpler static generator, and was created as a zero-config JavaScript alternative to Jekyll. It has a growing reputation for its ease of use: it works well with existing project files, and also features logical and intuitive hierarchies. Eleventy is fast, lets you stay flexible, doesn't require any client-side. 11ty #. Eleventy is fairly new, if comparing to Gatsby and Hugo. It supports plugins and you can write it in multiple template languages, you can pick one or use them all together! Eleventy seems to have all the features I wanted ( no archetypes tho ), fast-enough build speed, easy-to-use collections to group content Page speed & SEO 11ty is, without doubt, the winner here because static sites load much faster than dynamic platforms like WordPress. There are no calculations to compute, no databases to query, and nothing to format. Every page on a static website is ready to be served But we're doing an 11ty speed run. So, we are going to -- yeah, just default it to an object. And then in our project, we're going to pass in an object that has let's say header selectors or something like that. And put in there H1, H2 as a string. Jason: So, like header selectors. And we'll do H1, H2 Eleventy, or 11ty for those of you in a hurry, is a static site generator that was designed to be the JavaScript alternative to Jekyll. Without going into too much depth; Eleventy is designed to be a flexible and easy tool to take an assortment of files and turn them into a static website. Those files could be Markdown, HTML, Nunjucks.

11ty can do more. This isn't everything 11ty is capable of. In addition to the features we covered here, 11ty also has data filters, plugins, shortcodes, and advanced configuration options to customize it to your needs. You can see everything 11ty is capable of in the 11ty docs 11ty and Jekyll can be primarily classified as Static Site Generators tools. Some of the features offered by 11ty are: It is optimized for speed, easy use and configurability. Hugo takes a directory with content and templates and renders them into a full html website. Hugo makes use of markdown files with front matter for meta data Eleventy (or 11ty) is a Node.js static site generator (SSG). SSGs do most rendering work at build time to create a set of static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. The resulting pages need not have.

I'm excited to announce the beta-release of eleventy-high-performance-blog-a high-performance blog template for 11ty based on this very website. The template itself is based on the awesome eleventy-base-blog adding features centered around performance, accessibility and some SEO.. Sites based on this template achieve 100 points on Lighthouse in the categories Performance, Accessibility, Best. Hugo is powered by Go, not JavaScript—the J in the term JAMstack—but is considered to be an example of the JAMstack because it is one of the apps that makes possible static sites whose dynamic features gain speed and lose latency by relying on client-side, JavaScript-enabled functionality rather than heavier, slower operations on a server Eleventy (aka 11ty) is one of the many options developers have for working with the Jamstack (JavaScript, APIs, and Markup) and is known both for it's speed as well as it's flexibility. I've been using Eleventy pretty exclusively now and it's easily become my preferred way to build static sites

To speed things a bit up: Building the overview page for the articles was not much more than following the instructions in the 11ty documentation on paginations. You might find the sections Paging a Collection and Remapping with permalinks useful 2: Referencing the include. Jekyll doesn't quote the filename. 11ty does. I think you can disable filename quoting if you don't override .eleventy.js to allow parameterized includes, but you should allow parameterized includes. Programmatically encapsulating the variable scope of things you've broken into separate pieces of business. That is almost all you need to say about Eleventy. It is fascinatingly simple. Of course, we will dive more in-depth, and there is a lot more to mention, but the paragraph above describes 11ty in its core concept. You start with Eleventy by choosing your preferred template engine. Probably the easiest is markdown. The following file shows a. This was also possible in 11ty btw, nothing new here. Speed . I can build my blog with 250+ files, of which ~120 blog posts and markdown files in under 10 seconds. With Jekyll or 11ty this was a lil bit slower, but still very usable. The thing that made me ditch Jekyll and 11ty were its dependencies Turning manu.ninja up to 11ty. Apr 19, 2020 · 6 Minutes / 1,578 Words. I recently migrated manu.ninja to Eleventy. Never have I ever had such a pleasant experience with a static site generator, and I've tried many of them. This is why I want to share five snippets from my setup that might be useful for your own Eleventy projects

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In terms of pure speed I believe Hugo will win. Next.js can offer much more than just a blog. My personal favorite is 11ty as it is fast enough and provides easy plugins for SEO, RSS etc and also allows me to inject custom transformation logic which is a plus and missing from some other generators need help regarding eleventy speed. After adding Google tags from search console, Analytics tag, and Google AdSense script, now website is just showing a score of 70 in page speed insights, without tags, it would show 100, so what to do to improve it and make it above 90, any solution for this?, or it would affect the SEO A review of 11ty, an extensible static site generator written in Node that supports a variety of template languages. Next.js and Gatsby. I gave up on both when I realized how much they bloated my site and slowed my page load speed. Don't get me wrong—I love React and use it every day at work. But I don't think that it's the right solution. It's not going to be a surprise to find 11ty is faster. It literally generates HTML files and servers them up. That combined with a big SAAS hosting provider like Netlify (which is where I moved the site to) is a recipe for speed Fall in with Eleventy or 11ty. Funny name, serious site. We found this open-source static file generator to be the most intuitive and fast. Heck, even Google's page web.dev is built on 11ty. . 8. Play hard:- ‍♀️‍♂️ Conduct tons of tests, but DON'T PLAY IN PRODUCTION. Make a copy of your site & stage them on.

This tutorial is written for the 11ty project and Netlify deployment. I'm sure other platforms like Cloudflare have support for this as well. The point of this tutorial is to speed up your local dev environment (by not minifying code) and then making sure your javascript code is minified in production. Step Performance is critical to me. As in the speed of your static site generator, or as in the performance of the site you're building? Neither Jekyll nor 11ty will alter the performance of the site Luckily it's easy enough to fix. First I'll do an npm init -f to create a blank package.json. Next I'll do a npm i --save @11ty/eleventy to set Eleventy as a dependency. Now if I run vercel dev, it recognizes that I'm using Eleventy. Cool! Except when it starts, I get this Eleventy (11ty), which is quickly becoming my static site generator of choice, can handle both approaches fairly elegantly and with a minimal amount of efforts. Querying a GraphQL API and using the returned data to generate static pages is actually a straightforward and simple process 11ty - How to display post tags in my post.njk file? 0. How to get unique nested array items in Nunjucks (11ty) and loop over it? 1. How to add taxonomies in 11ty? Hot Network Questions How can a magic-less cauldron speed up the process of a witches' brew

www.ingo-steinke.de is a website about web developer Ingo Steinke using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, liquid, 11ty (eleventy) build and netlify deployment. English: www.ingo-steinke.com. storage.js. 0 197 0.0 HTML Storage.js, Simple HTML5 Page Edits. A jQuery plugin around the localStorage api. Posts where Speed-Test has been mentioned. We have. The static HTML 11ty delivers is going to effortlessly result in speed and performance with the flexibility to source from any CMS or data source of any kind. SEO in either case has a bit of manual work but can be templated

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  1. uscule details. I think it's because Jekyll 4 can use the liquid.c, like the C binary to process Liquid templates. I think 11ty v1 or maybe 11 does it, 0.11. But 11ty version 1 will use that too. I think the speed difference will just be nuked. Chris: Yeah. Dave.
  2. Developers report they most care about performance and speed in their web environments. The top Jamstack benefits cited by all types of developers are (1) performance, (2) uptime, (3) speed of development, (4) security, (5) compliance, and (6) avoiding vendor lock-in. Relative newcomer 11ty had a surprisingly strong showing. Enterprise.
  3. ifying HTML and producing multiple versions of each image,.
  4. We provide the foundations to let you scale with speed and security. Web Development We love the Jamstack, GatsbyJS, NextJS, 11ty. We primarily work with React and Headless CMS tools, we're happy working on Wordpress too. Mobile Apps Cross Platform apps are here, and they're great. Flutter, Android, iOS, we began as a mobile app agency, it's.
  5. Looks like I can use util.cache.save() to fulfill my objective, so my next action is figuring out what to save.. My ultimate objective here is to avoid taking screenshots as much as I can so that I can speed up my build. So let's save screenshots which are saved at dist/previews.. There are Plugin constants which allows me to access to a directory which contains the deploy-ready HTML files.

11ty runs on Node.js, so there is practically no JavaScript framework to learn. Usage is simple and straight to the point, and what it lacks in features, it delivers in speed. Eleventy generates pure HTML and this gives it the speed 2.593ms. 6.64ms. 7.023ms. Object-literal-to-JSON difference (a positive result means slower) +2.578%. +10.526%. +3.669%. So I was wrong in my hypothesis: searching the JSON is in fact slower, by as much as 10% in the case of Safari. As far as comparing the browsers, in these tests the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine performs about two-and-a-half. Publish your API in 5 minutes,no coding required. Save time with the tool used by the world's laziest web developers to create your GraphQL API without writing a single line of code. Start building your API for free (beta) No credit card required 1. Use the most modern file formats. Web Open Font Format 2.0 ( WOFF2) is, at the time of writing, the smallest and most efficient file format for web fonts. When using @font-face at-rules in your CSS, ensure the WOFF2 font appears before older, less efficient, file formats such as TTF

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Dave: I am on Jekyll, and I love Jekyll, but all my other Jekyll projects are creeping over to 11ty. Speed is a big one, you know. Chris: You've probably written hundreds of blog posts. Dave: Yeah. Chris: There are maybe a thousand pages--who knows--on DaveRupert.com. When that runs, it literally makes hundreds of a thousand of .html files and. The 9 speed auto is a much, much smoother operator than the Gen 1's Aisin, and interior space is used much better in the Gen 2 IMO. Neither model really had any glaring reliability issues besides the emissions system junk (Gen 2 is a little better in this respect), and Gen 1 autos tend to get clunkier with age React: How Tests will Boost your Development Speed | 22nd March, 2020 Structuring React Projects | 15th March, 2020 React: Creating a Custom Hook for Fetching Data | 8th March, 202

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Known for speed. 11ty: Node: Processes 11 different template languages out of the box. Gatsby: React: Gatsby is truly a static site generator, but generally, the sites hydrate into SPAs, but remain static (nothing server-rendered). Big ecosystem of plugins to help with connecting data sources, handling images, etc. Nex Gatsby.js is a high-speed and highly customizable React framework, making it an automatic option for anyone interested in building JAMstack sites. 11ty. 11ty is built on JavaScript itself, not. Speed. If you're concerned about performance and speed, Hugo is the static generator you need. It's has many built-in features, but most importantly it's blazing fast thanks to Go. Hugo is super fast. You can build your website in terms of milliseconds (instead of seconds or even minutes in case of Jekyll The 11ty IIIF Manifest Generator tool can generate a IIIF manifest (Level 0) for an image or images, deploy to the web, and share. All without deploying your own IIIF Image Server . The goal of this project was to create a relatively simple process to generate IIIF Level 0 manifests on the web without a IIIF image server Writing .NET Database Integration Tests. Database access is easy, but testing database access is hard whether we're an experienced .NET developer or new to the party. We may also hear a lot of opinions in our ecosystem about testing around data access scenarios. Should I mock, stub, use an in-memory version, and go all-in with integration.

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Speed Up Your Website With WebP Suzanne Scacca. 2019-10-29T12:30:59+02:00 2019-10-30T04:08:36+00:00 (This is a sponsored post.) Spend enough time running websites through PageSpeed Insights and you'll notice that Google has a major beef with traditional image formats like JPG, PNG and even GIF. As well it should Hi, I'm Yasin. I'm a front-end developer helping brands around the world; build user experience based modern and accessible web interfaces with a strong focus on performance, deep knowledge in the area of new front-end technologies and responsive design.. My main advantage is that I have experience in ui design and front-end development MkDocs A Python-based solution that emphasizes its speed and themes (some of which can be found here. While it isn't a documentation-specific solution, Hugo is a common solution because of its emphasis on build speed. It has a significant number of community themes with designs and features targeted to documentation sites including GatsbyJS Core Web Vitals: How To Go Green With Lighthouse v6. Written by Donovan. I mentioned in my last post that like many people, since Lighthouse v6 was released, my blazing fast, green-100 GatsbyJS site on language learning was barely managing to achieve orange. I'm not the only one it seems. The Core Web Vitals performance requirements.

Paradigma Digital is an agency based in Madrid, Spain specialized in Big Data, Mobility, User Experience, eCommerce, Cloud, Continuous Delivery, Microservices, and 2-Speed Environments. Jaime Fernández Pérez has been managing the development of their new brand website with Strapi and described their experience Modern Websites are Built on the Jamstack Architecture due to Performance, Reliability and Speed of Developer Workflows, According to Industry Survey by Netlify Relative newcomer 11ty had a. The speed of changing expectations forces each competitor to take #WordPress #html #javascript #PWA #CRO #appdevelopment #website #CMS #markdown #11ty. 0 comments. Sign in to leave your.

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Progressive Web App is a fancy name for a standards based web site with app capabilities and speed. A PWA can be easier to maintain than an equally featured WordPress site, and you don't have to build separate Android and iPhone apps. For lots of competitors, this can be millions of dollars, and months of time useCache - The data providers will use the 11ty caching system to cache the WPGraphQL responses if this is set to true. If you're not changing the WordPress side of things (or editing the data provider logic) this is a good idea. For example, you'll probably want to modify the HTML that's derived by 11ty. I hope you do anyway This is the main reason for moving away from Hugo and especially a reason for choosing 11ty: Adding a new shortcode │ ├── 08 │ │ └── 13-august-mixtape-drum-and-bass.md │ └── 12 │ └── 16-speed-up-jekyll-development.md ├── 2016 │ ├── 11 │ │ └── 16-farewell-jekyll-hello-hugo.md. Minutiae at warp speed! Follow me on a journey through every episode of The Sci-Fi Christian podcast Recommendations. Essential The best of the best from each season Listen The episodes that stand the test of time Built with 11ty, Netlify, Bulma, Bulma Swatch, and.

Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) products enable the fastest possible maximum speed for typical laptop Wi-Fi products. Thunderbolt™ 4 is the fastest port available on a laptop, at 40 Gb/s, as compared to other laptop I/O connection technologies including eSATA, USB, and IEEE 1394 Firewire* Code #. First, if a post has a target tweet, add the tweet's ID to the post's front matter: title: My adventures in turning a Pixelbook into a developer machine description: If you use Google Fonts, a few additional steps can lead to much faster load times. date: 2018-12-07 tags: ['Tools'] layout: layouts/post.njk tweetId: '1197670409543540738'. Next, we need a few helper filters (functions.

We also used a Static Site Generator (SSG), 11ty, to build the pages hoping to speed up development, and make the site easier to maintain. Coupled with Netlify for hosting, these worked perfect. When working with 11ty, I appreciated all the benefits of a statically generated site, but for HMML this tool also allowed us to add content to the. Intel unveils 11th-gen Tiger Lake specs, revealing huge upgrade to clock speed. By Luke Larsen September 2, 2020. Intel's rollout of its 11th-gen Tiger Lake line has been painfully slow. But. Britni. Dropbox. Finsweet is the reason our Marketing team can efficiently manage and grow our Webflow site. Their Webflow knowledge is next-level. Excellent service, excellent team. What's the age of your business? Pre-Launch 5-10 years old. 0-5 years old Over 10 years old. 1/9 1) Hugo. Hugo is a static site generator specifically designed for speed, ease of use, and configurability. It is built using the Go programming language and offers advanced theming support (if you require that). Hugo. It renders directories with contents and templates into full HTML websites A collection of Eleventy (11ty) starters, projects, plugins, and resources created by Stephanie Eckles (@5t3ph). 2021-06-24T00:00:00Z https://11ty.rocks/ Stephanie Eckle The website builder platform you've been looking for. Apostrophe Assembly is a powerful and flexible website factory platform for digital agencies, SaaS companies, higher education, enterprise, and more. Manage a fleet of digital experiences from a single dashboard. Customize your no-code website factory with the flexibility of an open source.